Hello BalticRoad!

New update is done))

1. Add alchemy stones in balticroad NPC ( Jangan location)

2. Add new fun avatar in balticroad NPC ( Jangan location)

3. Add new unique with nice drop ( more info and unique place in next post with map screenshot)

4. Add Roc room with Roc bird spawn ( Every sunday after fortrest war)  killer get any egy B weapon

5. Removed black res

6. New price for honor buff scrolls ( 500 silks)

7. Fixed guild and union emblem

8. Now Str weapon have higher DMG ( dagger, 2h, 1h, bow, glaive, blade)

9. Changhed stall price now is ( 500B)

10. Add drop from unique in  Holly water temple uniques

More info about update in next post

Thanks for playing in BalticRoad server!

Important- firts start u need make without any bots or programm, to get last update.

Have fun


Server Online, u can login!

[#2] Update

Server is Online, u can login!
Added HAPPY letters new Drop
* Globals
* Repair Hammers
* Defense gender switch tools
* Skill edit potions
* Berserker Potions
* Evasion / Accuracy / Speed Scrools + trash
* Reverse Scrolls
* Resurrection Scrolls
Also add Immortals 11 Dg, but u can't trade it or sell
Immortals drop have 1 week after disable it

First start need make without any bot, to get new update


[GM]Staffy/ Have fun

[#1] Update

Following changes were made:
- Immortal drops reduced by 20%
- 3 new STR Uniques added
- All new Uniques are dropping Immortals
- Unique Ranking also counting the new Uniques
- Unique Map now on the website. (Open-Map)

Before Start

Hello! Before you start donwload client or created account, read server rules!



Server Online Now 


Server Info

  • Players Online: 320 / 2000
  • Cap 110
  • CH & EU
  • EXP/SP 100x
  • EXP/SP (Party) 150x
  • Droprate 30x
  • Goldrate 20x
  • Jobrate 25x
  • Magic Pop 5x
  • Alchemy Rate 3x
  • Capture Flag Event Enabled
  • Battle-Arena Enabled


  • Servertime: 09:53:09
  • CTF:
  • Medusa:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: Everyday


Latest Unique Kills

  • Stadiks has killed Captain Ivy 3 minutes ago
  • Witchie has killed MOLE 15 minutes ago
  • Stadiks has killed Demon Shaitan 17 minutes ago
  • Stadiks has killed Uruchi 33 minutes ago
  • Dorf has killed HYUNGNO 34 minutes ago
  • Stadiks has killed Lord Yarkan 45 minutes ago
  • KyloRen has killed Battle Golem[STR] 1 hour ago
  • KillBill has killed Cerberus 1 hour ago
  • KillBill has killed Isyutaru 1 hour ago
  • Chuchy has killed Tiger Girl 1 hour ago